Detergents, I & I Cleaners
Phosphonates have high chelation value compared to commonly used builders like STPP and EDTA.
Anti Incrustation Additives
Aquacid 110EX PMP Salt
Aquacid 105EX HEDP Acid
Aquacid 1054EX HEDP Sodium Salt
Aquacid 1054EX CL HEDP Sodium Salt (Colour Less)
Aquacid 1054P HEDP Sodium Salt (Powder)
Aquacid 1054PG HEDP Sodium Salt (Powder Granules)
Aquacid 1052P HEDP Sodium Salt (Powder)
Aquacid 101EX PBTC Acid
Aquacid 108EX ATMP Acid
Aquacid 1085P ATMP Sodium Salt (Powder)

Biodegradable Chelants
Aquacid 2014EX GLDA Sodium Salt
Aquacid 2014EX (ES) GLDA Sodium Salt
Aquacid 2015EX GLDA Sodium Salt
Aquacid 2015EX (ES) GLDA Sodium Salt

Bleach Stabilization and Stain Removal

High stability constants of phosphonates with heavy metals ensures improved stabilization of the active bleach and assists in removal of stains caused by heavy metal containing liquids like tea, coffee, red wine, etc.
Aquacid 1067EX DETMP Sodium Salt
Aquacid 1068EX DETMP Sodium Salt
Aquacid 1095EX EDTMP Sodium Salt
Aquacid 1084EXNO ATMP N-Oxide
Aquacid 106EX DETMP Acid
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