Detergents, I & I Cleaners
Performance Chemistry - Additives for I&I Cleaners
Aquapharm make phosphonates with excellent scale/incrustation control even at high temperature and pH, and chelation of hardness salts and heavy metals especially iron and manganese at alkaline pH to effectively stabilize bleaches. These are cost-effective alternatives to NTA, EDTA and polyphosphates, with far superior chelation capacities for use in the I&I sector.
Proprietary Products
Aquacid PC 902
Aquacid PC 922
Aquacid PC 932
Aquacid PC 942
Aquacid PC series products are used in various I & I cleaning applications such as;

* Vehicle Wash

* Bottle Washing

* Dairy/Brewery Wash

* Industrial Dish Wash

* Industrial Laundry

* Metal Treatment
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