General Description

The detergent industry is continually evolving their formulations to meet ever changing demands of the consumer driven by changing lifestyles. AQUACID phosphonates find use as anti-incrustation additives in all kinds of cleaning formulations by virtue of their high chelation value and formation of stable complexes with heavy metals. Besides anti-incrustation properties, they enhance detergency, stabilize bleach components and assist in stain removal. Phosphonates have high chelation value compared to commonly used builders like STPP and EDTA. Aquapharm Maxinol polymers are used to disperse the dirt removed from fabric and prevent its re-deposition.

Products used for this application
HEDP Acid : Aquacid 105EX, Aquacid 105EXLC
HEDP Salt : Aquacid 1054EX, Aquacid 1054EXCL
HEDP Powder, Granules : Aquacid 1052P, Aquacid 1054P, Aquacid 1054PG
ATMP Powder : Aquacid 1085P
ATMP Salt : Aquacid 1084EXNO, Aquacid 1086EX
DETMP Acid : Aquacid 106EX
EDTMP Salt : Aquacid 1095EX
Biodegradable Chelating Agent
GLDA Salt : Aquacid 2014EX, Aquacid 2015EX
Acrylic Maleic Copolymer : Maxinol C 4041, Maxinol 280SN
Acrylic Maleic Copolymer Powder : Maxinol C 4041 P
Acrylic Homopolymer : Maxinol 5250, Maxinol 5250N