Industrial Cleaners

General Description

Industrial and Institutional cleaning products are formulations addressing the requirements of varied market segments across industries. The key is to ensure consistent performance and effectivity across large-scale operations with high quality and cost-efficiency. AQUACID phosphonates have excellent scale/incrustation control even at high temperature and pH levels as well as chelation of Calcium and Magnesium salts and heavy metals – especially iron and manganese at alkaline pH. This effectively stabilizes bleaches and provides cost-effective alternatives to NTA, EDTA and polyphosphates, with far superior chelation capacities for use in I&I sector.

Products used for this application
HEDP Acid : Aquacid 105EX, Aquacid 105EXLC
HEDP Salt : Aquacid 1054EX, Aquacid 1054EXCL
HEDP Powder, Granules : Aquacid 1052P, Aquacid 1054P, Aquacid 1054PG
ATMP Acid : Aquacid 108EX
ATMP Salt : Aquacid 1084EXNO
PBTC Acid : Aquacid 101EX
DETMP Acid : Aquacid 106EX
DETMP Salt : Aquacid 1067EX, Aquacid 1068EX
EDTMP Salt : Aquacid 1095EX
Biodegradable Chelating Agent
GLDA Salt : Aquacid 2014EX, Aquacid 2015EX


Acrylic Maleic Copolymer Acid : Maxinol C 4041, Maxinol 280SN
Acrylic Maleic Copolymer Powder : Maxinol C 4041 P
Acrylic Homopolymer : Maxinol 5250, Maxinol 5250N


Performance Chemistry
PC Series AcidicAcid : Aquacid PC 922
PC Series Neutral : Aquacid PC 902
PC Series Alkaline : Aquacid PC 932, Aquacid PC 942