Innovation centre

This centre is the hub of all product
development, testing, applications
testing and innovation at

In line with our commitment to create best in class products, Aquapharm’s new Innovation Centre opened in 2017. This centre will boost R&D efforts in the areas of chelating agents, dispersing agents and oil field chemicals. This state of the art ‘zero discharge’ facility is strategically located in Pune, India. The contributions and facilities of the Aquapharm Innovation Centre have been recognized by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.
The Aquapharm Innovation Centre has several laboratories fitted with state of the art equipment and accessories essential for research in organic synthesis, synthesis of complex polymers with analytical support.

The facilities

Synthesis labs for phosphonates, polymers and oil and gas chemicals.

All labs are supported by central analytical facility.

A dedicated application development and testing centre for evaluating performance of various products in the final formulations.


Innovation centre has all the modern equipment to support their current production units and all the research programs for future, like:

  • Latest HPLCs, GCs, Spectrophotometers, FTIR, IC, GPCs, TGA, particle size analyser, Karl Fischer moisture analyser and modern auto-titrators
  • Application laboratory also has specialized equipment like HPHT-PMAC, Tergotometers, Ofite- fluid loss test apparatus, Roller oven for cement slurry conditioning, EE instruments for quantifying rust and corrosion and a 8- speed viscometer for characterizing various slurriess
  • Walk-in fume hoods
  • Computer controlled high pressure reaction facility

The team

More than thirty highly qualified and experienced scientists with extensive international experience at the world’s leading multinational companies form the team at the Aquapharm Innovation Centre. Each laboratory is headed by a highly experienced doctorate professional driving continuous development of a robust product pipeline strategically aligned with the future growth of Aquapharm.

Future Ready products

Apart from developing standard products for meeting various chelation needs in diverse application areas, the current focus of the Innovation Centre is on developing ‘green technologies’ to meet global requirements for developing environment friendly products.