Oil & Gas

General Description

Speciality Oil field Chemicals are used extensively to improve oilfield efficiency and productivity. This helps to maximize the recovery of oil and gas reserves while minimizing its environmental impact.

Aquapharm is a global supplier of scale inhibitors and scale dissolvers widely used in oilfield operations by formulators and major oilfield service companies.

Our products offer various benefits like scale minimization, product optimization, inhibition and dispersion of carbonate and sulphate scales and other difficult scales.

Products used for this application
Scale Inhibitors
EABMP Acid : Aquacid 102EX, Aquacid 1021EX
PAPEMP Salt : Aquacid 112EX
BHTPMP Acid : Aquacid 103EX
AEEA Acid : Aquacid 113EX
AEEA Salt : Aquacid 111EX
Polyol Salt : Aquacid 130EX
DETMP Salt : Aquacid 1062EX, Aquacid 1067EX
HMDTMP Acid : Aquacid 1076EX
HEDP Acid : Aquacid 105EX
PBTC Acid : Aquacid 101EX
ATMP Acid : Aquacid 108EX
ATMP Salt : Aquacid 1086EX
EABMP Salt : Aquacid 1022EX
Acrylate Caboxylate Copolymer : Maxinol C4200
Acrylic Homopolymer : Maxinol 5200
Phosphino Carboxylic Acid : Maxinol 5160
Acrylic Terpolymer : Maxinol 5400
Acrylic Terpolymer : Maxinol 2050
Maleic Copolymer : Maxinol 4740
Maleic Terpolymer : PM 210
Polymaleic Acid : PM 200
PESA : Maxinol 600
Scale Dissolvers
Biodegradable CaCO3 scale dissolver : Aquacid 2020EX
BaSO4 scale dissolver : Aquacid 3000EX