Aquapharm is committed to continuous quality and performance improvement. Our products are rigorously tested before reaching the market. Our innovation efforts are geared to create products which are increasingly green & biodegradable


Aquapharm manufactures a wide range of organophosphonates, under the Aquacid brand.

Aquacid phosphonates exhibits multifunctional properties like threshold inhibition sequestration of metal ions and de-flocculation. In conjunction with their excellent hydrolytic and thermal stability, these properties make phosphonates superior to other sequestering agents in cost effectiveness and performance.

High stability constants of phosphonates with heavy metals, ensures improved stabilization of the active bleach and assists in removal of stains caused by heavy metal containing liquids like tea, coffee, red wine, etc.

Aquacid range includes HEDP, ATMP, DTPMP, PBTC, BHMTPMP and other phosphonates and their salts in liquid and powder forms. Aquapharm also manufactures special grades of phosphonates with high purity low chloride for cosmetic and other applications.

Biodegradable chelating agents

Aquapharm offers a biodegradable chelant GLDA which is a viable alternative to NTA and EDTA. Aquapharm GLDA is NTA free and more than 50% of its carbons come from plant sources.

GLDA is classified as readily biodegradable as per OECD 301D tests. In trials, GLDA has proved to have an optimal balance between biodegradability, metal chelation and ease of use.

It has uses in Industrial Cleaning, Food Processing, Personal Care, Kitchen Cleaning and Automatic Dishwashing amongst many others. GLDA is free from genetically modified raw materials and is not irritating to the skin or eyes


Aquapharm manufactures a wide range of polymers, under the Maxinol brand. Range covers Homopolymers, Copolymers and Terpolymers of Acrylic, Maleic and Phosphino Carboxylic acids.

Maxinol polymers find application in virtually all water treatment areas, like cooling water, boiler water, closed systems, reverse osmosis and thermal desalination. Maxinol polymers have very low Polydispersity index which results in high performance.

Maxinol polymers are used for anti redeposition and anti incrustation properties in cleaning formulations.

Questoll detergent additive

Aquapharm offers a revolutionary new series of detergent builders, branded Questoll ™, which enhance washing properties compared to conventional builders such as STPP, Zeolites and Polycarboxylates.

Questoll™ delivers improved soil removal, incrustation control & LABSA stabilization at lower dosages.

Oil Field Chemicals

Aquapharm is well established as a manufacturer of wide range of scale inhibitors for the Oil and Gas industry. Aquapharm products prevent scaling due to mixing of incompatible injection water and formation water. In addition to inorganic scale inhibition, Aquapharm also offers products for dissolving different types of inorganic deposits. The anti-scalants used are from our range of Phosphonates, Polymers and Biodegradable Chelants.


MBT – Biocide

Aquapharm offers Methylene Bis-Thiocynate (MBT) which is a non-metallic organo-sulfur biocide. It is a crystalline solid and possesses excellent
fungicidal, algaecidal and bactericidal properties. MBT’s excellent penetration powers make it the preferred biocide in applications such as wood and
leather preservation and other applications like cooling water systems, paints, surface coatings and adhesives.

Acetyl Chloride

It is used in organic synthesis for acetylation/esterification and Friedel craft reaction.