Products List - Phosphonates

Aquapharm manufactures a wide range of Organophosphates, under the Aquacid brand. Each of Aquacid phosphonates has unique properties and these, when used alone or in combinations offer solutions to many water related problems in various industries. Aquacid phosphates exhibit multifunctional properties like sequestration, threshold inhibition of metal ions and deflocculation. In conjunction with their excellent hydrolytic stability these properties make phosphonates superior to other sequestering agents in cost effectiveness and performance.

Aquacid 101EX PBTC Acid
Aquacid 1014EX PBTC Sodium Salt
Aquacid 102EX EABMP Acid
Aquacid 1021EX EABMP Acid
Aquacid 103EX BHMTPMP Acid
Aquacid 1033EX BHMTPMP Sodium salt
Aquacid 105 HEDP Acid
Aquacid 105EX HEDP Acid
Aquacid 105EXSP HEDP Acid special grade
Aquacid 105EXLC HEDP Acid (Low Chloride)
Aquacid 105CG Etidronic Acid (Cosmetic grade)
Aquacid 1052P HEDP Sodium Salt (Powder)
Aquacid 1054EX HEDP Sodium Salt
Aquacid 1054EXCL HEDP Sodium Salt (Colorless)
Aquacid 1054P HEDP Sodium Salt (Powder)
Aquacid 1054PG HEDP Sodium Salt (Powder Granules)
Aquacid 1054CG Etidronic Sodium Salt (Cosmetic grade)
Aquacid 106EX DETMP Acid
Aquacid 1062EX DETMP Ammonium Salt
Aquacid 1063EX DETMP Ammonium Salt
Aquacid 1064EX DETMP Ammonium Salt
Aquacid 1065EX DETMP Sodium Salt
Aquacid 1067EX DETMP Sodium Salt
Aquacid 1067EXN DETMP Sodium Salt
Aquacid 1068EX DETMP Sodium Salt
Aquacid 1076EX HMDTMP Salt
Aquacid 108EX ATMP Acid
Aquacid 108EXLC ATMP Acid (Low Chloride)
Aquacid 1081EX ATMP Ammonium Salt (Partially Neutralized)
Aquacid 1084EX ATMP Sodium Salt
Aquacid 1084EXNO ATMP N-Oxide
Aquacid 1085P ATMP Sodium Salt (Powder)
Aquacid 1086EX ATMP Sodium Salt
Aquacid 1087EX ATMP Sodium Salt
Aquacid 109EX EDTMP Acid
Aquacid 1095EX EDTMP Sodium Salt
Aquacid 110EX PMP Salt
Aquacid 111EX AMP Acid
Aquacid 112EX PAPEMP Acid
Aquacid 118EX HPAA Acid
Aquacid 2014EX GLDA Sodium Salt
Aquacid 2014EX(ES) GLDA Sodium Salt
Aquacid 2015EX GLDA Sodium Salt
Aquacid 2015EX(ES) GLDA Sodium Salt
Aquacid 500 Modified HEDP Acid

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