Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis systems produce a reject stream that is many times more concentrated than the feed water. The high concentration of salts causes precipitation and scale formation in the membranes to reduce through put. Commonly encountered scales in RO systems are:

  • Calcium Carbonate - most commonly found
  • Calcium Sulfate - only in brackish water systems or recycled effluent rich is sulfates, and
  • Silica

Very often these systems provide drinking water to communities where the products need to be certified for drinking water applications.

Aquapharm provides a range phosphonates for these applications. Products with the 'NS' suffix are NSF certified.

Aquacid 105NS
Aquacid 108NS
Aquacid 106NS
Aquacid 1076EX

These products are supported by the MAXINOL range of polymers:

Maxinol 10
Maxinol PM 200
Maxinol 2050

Besides formulation ingredients, Aquapharm offers ready-to-use blends:

Maxinol 2076
Maxinol 2080

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