Textile Auxiliaries
Chelating Agents
Aquacid Phosphonates chelate hardness and heavy metal ions during scouring. dyeing, printing and finishing stages to control the harmful effects of these. Maxinol polymers are used during dyeing and printing with metallised dyes so that the hardness salts are chelated but not the heavy metals in the dye.

A broad range of products that can be formulated or used 'as-supplied' are available from Aquapharm.
Phosphonate Chelating Agents
Aquacid 1084 EXNO ATMP N-Oxide
Aquacid 105 EX HEDP Acid
Aquacid 105 HEDP Acid
Aquacid 1067 EX DETMP Sodium Salt
Aquacid 108 EX ATMP Acid
Aquacid 1067 EXN DETMP Sodium Salt
Aquacid 1054 EX HEDP Sodium Salt
Polymeric Chelating Agents
Maxinol 5200 Acrylic Homo Polymer
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