General Description

The textiles industry has various requirements from water additives, during their scouring, dyeing, printing and finishing processes. Aquacid Phosphonates chelate hardness and heavy metal ions during these processes to control their harmful effects and optimize efficiency. Maxinol polymers are used during dyeing and printing with metallised dyes so that the salts are chelated without effecting the heavy metals in the dye.

Products used for this application
HEDP Acid : Aquacid 105, Aquacid 105EX
HEDP Salt: Aquacid 1054EX
HEDP Powder : Aquacid 1051P, Aquacid 1052P, Aquacid 1054P
DETMP Acid : Aquacid 106EX
DETMP Salt : Aquacid 1067EXN, Aquacid 1067EX, Aquacid 1068EX
ATMP Acid : Aquacid 108EX
ATMP Salt : Aquacid 1084EXNO, Aquacid 1086EX
Acrylic Homopolymer : Maxinol 5200, Maxinol 5250
Acrylic Maleic Copolymer : Maxinol C 4041, Maxinol 280SN
Acrylic Maleic Copolymer / Powder : Maxinol C 4041P