Water Treatment

General Description

Population growth, industrialisation & water scarcity is placing increasing importance on efficient water use & effective water treatment. Aquapharm products are used across a wide spectrum of applications ranging from cooling water, boiler water, thermal desalination and RO processes. Aquapharm’s products reduce scaling and fouling by interfering with crystal growth and by dispersing loosely formed scales. They protect heat transfer surfaces and RO membranes to ensure optimum heat transfer in all water based application.

Products used for this application
HEDP Acid : Aquacid 105EX
HEDP Acid : Aquacid 105NS
ATMP Acid : Aquacid 108EX
ATMP Salt : Aquacid 1084EX, Aquacid 108NS, Aquacid 1086NS
PBTC Acid : Aquacid 101EX
DETMP Acid : Aquacid 106EX
DETMP Salt : Aquacid 1067EX Aquacid, 1067EXN, Aquacid 106NS
HMDTMP Salt : Aquacid 1076EX
Aquacid 1076NS
PAPEMP Salt : Aquacid 112EX
PMP Salt : Aquacid 110EX
HPAA Acid : Aquacid 118EX
Polycarboxylic Acid : Maxinol 5160, Maxinol 5170
Acrylic Homopolymer : Maxinol 5100
Acrylic Homopolymer : Maxinol 5200
Acrylic AMPS Copolymer : Maxinol 4200
Acrylic AMPS Copolymer : Maxinol 4300
Acrylic Terpolymer : Maxinol 5300, Maxinol 5400, Maxinol 2050
Maleic Terpolymer : PM 210, Maxinol 4740, Maxinol 4700
Polymaleic Acid : PM 200, Maxinol 4600, Maxinol 4900